February Newsletter

February 2014 Issue
Market Watch
The fond memories of Vancouver’s 2010 Olympics are all coming back to me as we get into the Sochi games. It was so great to see Canada unified and celebrating its athletes with so much joy and enthusiasm four years ago.While there has been plenty of controversy surrounding the upcoming games, I am excited to see how Canada will do this time around and how the games will play out.Here are some Canadian athletes to watch for as we gear up for this exciting event:
  1. Kaillie Humphries, bobsled
  2. Erik Guay, skiing
  3. Atsuko Tanaka, ski jumping
  4. Jonathan Toews, hockey
  5. Mark McMorris, snowboarding
  6. Alex Gough, luge
  7. Kaetlyn Osmond, figure skating
  8. Alex Harvery, cross-country skiing
  9. Jean-Philippe Le Guellec, biathlon
  10. Brad Jacobs, curling
Join me in cheering these athletes on as they pursue their dreams!

Screen Shot 2014-01-31 at 2.53.22 PMTHINKING OF SELLING YOUR HOME IN WINTER?
Of course there are fewer buyers when the sky is dark and gloomy. But perhaps you have been feeling ready to sell and don’t necessarily want to wait until the warmth of spring and summer.Here are some tips on how to brighten up your home so that it is sure to sell during this season:
  1. Think warm and cozy home – have the fireplace lit, turn on all the lights, adjust the thermostat to a warmer temperature.
  2. Get the windows washed – get all that winter grime off of them!
  3. Play music in the background – remember, you are trying to set an ambiance that makes a buyer feel at home! Music can do just that.
  4. Give it a nice aroma – simply putting some cinnamon in the oven for fifteen minutes at 325 will make the whole house smell like fresh baking.
  5. Write a letter – leave a letter on the counter for the buyer with a list of all of the amenities in the area, upgrades you have made to the home, and services that make this the right home for them.
As always, let me know if you want me to help you sell your home!