July Newsletter

As much as we would all like to lounge around on our days off, you know that your home needs some much needed TLC to keep it in tip top shape. Here are some of the things that will make sure to prevent further damage to your house:
  • Check the roof – make sure to have a close look at the roof. Inspect for any damage from the rainy season.
  • Clean gutters – with all the rain we get here you want to make sure  that everything is draining properly.
  • Pressure wash the exterior – make sure you cover your plants and outlets before you do this, though!
  • Analyze your deck – look for any signs of rotting and hammer down any nails poking up.
  • Wash your windows – it will make the inside feel so much brighter!
DAY TRIPS IN THE VALLEYIt’s finally summer! The new trend in the past year or so has been “staycations”, where you make a vacation out of staying close to home. So, are you wondering what some of your options could be? Never worry! I’m here to save the day! Here is a list of some of the things you could do with your family if you choose to stay in the area for a few of your days off:
  • Steveston – beautiful waterfront with lots of nice eateries and a fish market. Buy some fresh seafood right off the boat!
  • Grouse Mountain – if you are in shape, do the climb! If you would rather be a bit more leisurely, take the gondola to the top for a nice lunch overlooking the city.
  • Suspension Bridges – there’s the free one at Lynn Canyon near Deep Cove or the Capilano. Either way, it’s a great adventure. Capilano now features their Cliffwalk. But watch out! It’s not for the faint of heart.
  • Cultus Lake – there’s a great grassy park right on the water to enjoy your day.
  • Stanley Park – this is the ultimate classic staycation. Rent a bike or some roller blades and go around the sea wall. End the day with a nice cocktail at Cactus Club Cafe right on the beach.