June 2015

Summer is here!Can you believe it? It’s finally summer! It’s time for lazy days filled with sunshine and games. I thought I’d take the chance to share some great ideas for keeping kids, grandkids or even neighbourhood kids entertained!
  1. Make ice cream in a bag. Don’t know how? Click here
  2. Instead of Duck Duck Goose, play a few rounds of Drip Drip Splash
  3. Build an outdoor obstacle course. Click here for a few tips on how to do it
  4. Start a garden plot just for the kids to take care of
  5. A lemonade stand never gets old
  6. Visit your local farmer’s market and have the kids try different types of local fruits and veggies
  7. Have a banana split party and ask guests to bring their favourite topping to share with everyone else
Too much tech?As a REALTOR® I often find it hard to completely disconnect from all of my devices. In the world we live in today, it’s too easy to check our emails, messages, social media, texts… you name it! While this is a great advantage to many of us, it also means that we never quite get away from it all.So, how about some tips on how to really give yourself a break from technology?
  1. This one is my favourite, so I’ll start with it: at the dinner table, everyone puts their phones on silent and face down at the centre of the table. First one to check their phone has to do the dishes
  2. You can disable your phone automatically so that it will turn off notifications automatically at certain times of the day
  3. There’s an App for that! RescueTime will actually track what you do online and help you figure out ways to find better balance or save time so that you are done more quickly with essential tasks.
  4. Throw your phone in the back seat of the car! This one is more about safety than disconnecting. But if you are one that habitually checks their phone while driving, just chuck it in the back
  5. Schedule in a break at work. If you are someone that needs to be at a computer or on the phone all day (like me!), then schedule forced breaks. Set an alarm for a 10-15 minute hiatus where you take a walk around the block
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